Digital technology in education

digital technology in education

Digital technology is s part our life.

It’s make our life so easier and comfortable with full of joy.

we live this Era where we get much facilities and do any works soon.

if we compare our previous days then we look the definition at present.

How we change our life only possible by digital technology and service.

By digital technology we have found many service as like,using mobile,computer,

lepton, car,AC and so on.everything we find in our hand by that.

digital technology in education

Before this we go for shopping and also buy our need thing to go out side.

Now it was changed we can buy everything sitting at home.

When we need to know any knowledge then we go library or book

Shop to buy or know this.but now by digital technology we

find every knowledge to read e-book.or search in google.

digital technology in education

As be a businessman or entrepreneur we just do it offline now many

men women do it online and offline by using internet and find this benefit and

also easy to maintain it.and as a buyer its also easy for us.

We can pay our electrical bill,gas bill and any kind of bill by using digital technology.

We find this so we are lucky person and its part and parcel in our daily  life.

in future digital technology will be enhance more and will be upgrade.

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