Fit your body for lifestyle By MRH

Greetings and best wishes from Fitness for Health Tips by MRH.

I woke up in the morning, poured light hot water on my body, and took a bath,

then after Fajar, I went out to run after doing some warm-up exercise.

First I started walking and did a breathing HIIT exercise for about 6 sessions.

Then I started running one kilometer warm-up Hill Repeat HIIT exercise.

Then I went home after running one kilometer cool down.

Back home, I poured hot water and cold water on my body and did a kind of HIIT again.

The morning started with three types of HIIT.

Breathe first, then run then HIIT hot water cold water.

I hope today will be a full HIIT.

You must comment on how you started the day,

those who have not done anything, you must also say when you will start.

This activity group’s inactive members will be quickly removed

from here because in the future we have a lot of plans to

have an event with you where you do not have to pay any costs.

Fit your body for lifestyle By MRH

Only Active member Rai will get that opportunity.

This group is not for Inactive people. I have a page for Inactive people. I have the group.

However, JKLIFESTYLE means there must be activated.

We want to see who you are actually doing Activity,

many may do Activity but do not comment or post, I will tell them to stay active here, thank you.

Repeat: What I did was I went to Flyover very early in the morning,

climbed 200 meters as high as I could, and came down with 200 meters

of light jogging, a total of six times.

Which is called (200×6) where

HR (heart rate rose to a maximum of 162).

It is a kind of HIIT where HR is raised a lot and then it is taken down and recovered again.

Remember, not everyone has the same physical ability,

so exercise according to your ability, do not endanger

yourself by injuring yourself while crossing capacity.

Keep everyone active and keep COVID on the run.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

Fit your body for lifestyle By MRH

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