Horror Story of a Nurse

Horror Story of a Nurse

I am a nurse. I am working at a recognized government hospital,

whose name is Kurmitola General Hospital.

I am really very pleased with my job. In fact,

I feel honored to do this job. job includes the promotion of health,

the prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled, and dying people.

However, as I am working in an ICU department,

I have to deal with critical patients most of whom are often near to die.

My feelings with these patients are very heart-touching. When I get to work,

I have a daily plan on how I can better serve my patients. In fact,

I always try to do my best. Although death is common in ICU,

I feel really very sorrowful to think, who I am serving now,

Horror Story of a Nurse

I may not get him after a while, or may not tomorrow. I feel also so bad when

I see any young age is going to die or death. I can not accept it.

Some deaths made me think so much that I can’t sleep. Our work is very Physical demanding,

we have to work like running since there are many crises of nurses in our country.

After returning home from work, I feel pain in my feet, sometimes it turns into severe from

back to the foot. Anyway, I have always learned new from my daily basis work.

On my last duty, a patient relative requested me as I recite ” La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah ”

during her patient death since they are not allowed to come inside ICU. Yes. I did it.

I stayed a few times besides him after this patient’s death and giving death care.

I felt sorrow. It never occurred to me before that it is better to recite the Quran

at the time of someone’s death. From now, I always try to do this.

It was a new lesson for me. Actually, we tried a patient alive until death.

That’s why, when a patient’s condition is getting severe, we try to support him artificially or

manually to live. so, we stayed too much busy at that time.

* Don’t panic or be disappointed to read this, I only talk about death or critical patients,

but you guys good to know that many patients recover from you.

Horror Story of a Nurse

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