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Peace be upon you all of my beloved brothers and sister.

every human being will take the test of death.

so we shouldn’t walk with arrogance.

Keep in mind one thing our late mother has gone,

my late father has gone and I just have to go there is no doubt about it.

But have ever notice man completely forget

that one day he will die and someone will keep him in the dark grave.

If you notice that you will not find out any kind of crime

that isn’t happening in our country.

The man dancing to the killing but we know that man sometimes

do mistakes with anger after reducing angry

he regards with me what he did last time.

But today It’s disappearing. We don’t know what is waiting for us in the future.

There are a lot of reasons Bangladesh behind it.

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The main reason is moral education which the man learns from his family.

Today it’s very hard to find out the family who

lessons her son moral education.

Although few families take care of his son and try to teach moral education.

but in my opinion, if you have only moral education

this not for you to make an honest man.

It also needs religious education

.but if you believe in Allah and you believe one day

I have to ask what I am doing right now and

what I did in the past then you will be a perfect man.

you will try to avoid all the sins and bad deeds.

Allah says if you do sins like a mountain then you

repent Allah will forgive you because

Allah is most forgiving and merciful.

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today I would like to say something about our religion.

We are Passing the most important month of Islam.

The month is Ramadan. We have completed 3rd fasting.

Inshallah if Allah wants we will fulfill our fasting.

this is obligated in Islam. Every Muslim has to perform fasting.

There are some conditions where you can skip it for few days.

For example, if you are sick then you can skip it and

if you do a long journey then you can skip it But

you have to complete fasting when you will be recover from

sickness and come back to your home from a journey.

No excuse for doing salah.  You may have a lot of sins and

crimes that don’t matter. If you come back to

Allah with repent Allah will forgive you for all the sins that you did.

So don’t be depressed Allah is most merciful.

He has uncountable love for his servant.

So we should follow the rules of religion.

Keep praying to Allah only he can save from all kinds of pandemics.

Allah Hafez.

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