Personal Sentiment part 1-3

Personal Sentiment part 1-3

Part 1:


Today I will talk about dreams.

Dreams that everyone loves to see but there

are very few people who can run towards

their dreams ….

Many people love to dream and many people love to fulfill their dreams.

Although it is easy to dream,

it takes hard work to make it a reality.

Many times you have to face various problems

while fulfilling your dreams.

Success is to be able to take your dream

forward by handling the situation around society and family.

  A P J Abdul Kalam says –

“The dream we see in our sleep is

not a dream but a dream.

Dreams are what keep you awake. “

Being able to make your dream come true

as an entrepreneur is also the success of an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur is the name of pushing thyself forward by

overcoming all the obstacles that will come in front of us.

Dream big and work hard.


This is my 4th post about women.

It is the duty of all to respect the dignity of women.

Brave, confident, confident, hardworking, strong

-So “like girls” means joy, pride. She can run fast.

She will win the trophy by leaving everyone behind.


She makes history by touching the peak of the Himalayas first of all.

“Women” are not limited to women today.

She is an invincible man today.  One indomitable Bangladesh.

Even then, there is a lack of equality.

And all the happiness of life is stuck in it.

O “woman”,

You are sometimes a “daughter”, sometimes a “half-sister”,

sometimes a loving mother.

O “woman”,

Personal Sentiment part 1-3

May your courage be your beauty.

I salute all the “women” in this expectation.


Let’s forget the hesitation, say open your mind.

-I am a “woman” I am the generation of equality.


And of course, if you have any questions about any of the basics

of English you can ask me for updates.

Personal Sentiment part 1-3


4G internet

Hello everyone. What are you doing now at this moment?

Now I am writing a presentation post.

Today’s topic is 4G internet.

Nowadays the internet is part of our life.

We can’t stay without the internet.

In this pandemic situation, we spend lots of time here.

students attended their online classes.

Many job holder person has attended their meeting on the internet.

On the other hand, we learn many things on the internet.

That why it’s very important in our everyday life.

Many businessmen are continuing their business on the internet.

4G internet means the fourth generation broadband network system.

It’s very speedy than 3G internet.

We can be download any movie, song,

video short time by using 4G internet.

4G internet is very important in our daily life.

It’s made our life easy and comfortable.

No more now. Thanks for reading my post.

This picture is just for attention. Keep a smile on your face.

Have a nice dream.

Take care

Happy learning.

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