The current condition of engineers in Bangladesh

The current condition of engineers in Bangladesh

Consultant offices have sprung up all around us,

like a frog’s umbrella. Many people think that if you work on the site,

you have become a great engineer!

And you don’t need to learn design!

On the other hand, he doesn’t even know what architectural design or

structure design is! Now without knowing the design,

learning Autocad, being able to build a wall with lines, or

supervising the site does not mean being a consultant!

As a result of designing an architectural structure.

  • Over is designed – 5-6 lakh rupees additional cost
  • Architecture functions are not solved!
  • As a result of the site orientation analysis, Vespa feels hot.
  • Space stage

And then the engineering society is notorious!

Many people don’t even understand what a consultant’s office is,

\they have given a name to such a consultant’s office.

so today I am talking about the consultant’s office …

Without understanding anything about design,

they work on plan design based on guesswork.

then the whole engineer society is discredited!

There is nothing to say here,

it could endanger the future of our architecture or civil engineers …


Their job is to design the project and provide the design to the contractor.

They will submit structural, architectural, electrical,

plumbing, and all other drawings to the contractor.

If a drawing needs to be changed during the work of the contractor,

they change it as required by notifying the contractor.

The consultant can be either foreign or local.

The main task of their significant work is that they will monitor every work.

The work is divided among the consultants according to their qualifications.

Their field supervisors have to supervise the work on the site.

The site engineers, as well as the consultants,

take care of whether the goods are being used properly or not.

Before each casting, they check whether the rod is fitted

according to proper drawing and engineering principles,

whether the shutter is fitted properly.

And even after the cover and set up,

check whether the work has been done properly as per the architectural drawing.

Whether the finishing has been done properly.

Construction engineers, as well as consultants, take care of that.

Different parts of the consultancy firm:

  • A) Structural Engineer: Structural Engineer resides in a consultancy firm.

Their job is to design sub-structures and superstructures by looking at soil test reports.

  • B) Draftsman: Draftsman draws the designs in AutoCAD.

Draftsmen also do two-dimensional, three-dimensional design work.

  • C) Architect: The architect’s job is to design.

The architect works on how the project will be on the specific site,

what will be the design of design,

the three-dimensional and two-dimensional (3D and 2D) design of the design.

What is the benefit of doing a complete project,

where is the project, and how to get the results of the work of the architect.

Learn first then apply. Making a plan means not just

building a room with a wall in Cad! This is a plan,

and if you do it for less money or less time, you will face the answer later!

In a design …

  • Functioning Analysis
  • Aesthetic analysis
  • Cost optimize
  • Local material selection
  • site orientation
  • structure system
  • construction procedure

If you can’t do any method if you can’t calculate

the load of the building if the bearing capacity of the soil

doesn’t fit in your head very well, the type of footing,

the design calculation of the footing, column design,

beam design, stair design, roof design also There are no

designs involved in building construction work,

or you can do a little bit If you don’t understand BNBC

code very well if you don’t understand too much

seismic analysis (buildings that require seismic analysis),

If you have no idea about soil bearing capacity,

In a word, you are designing, so aren’t you oppressing the owner

of the house who has decided to build the building with his hard-earned money?

I have seen the designs of many such engineers, in fact, the site visit is important!

We all know that the cost is much less when designing using the USD method thanWSD method design.

In the same way, there are many methods to find the

beam moment that can be used to save a lot of building design economically.

Now the fact is that where you can’t calculate the load of a building, design is a long way off.

Again many can design but cannot do a load calculation, cannot do analysis.

In a word, the situation in our country is very bad.

I have done design analysis by a few engineers, over-designed in the maximum case.

And in this way, the owner has incurred a lot of losses economically,

and the loss of the owner means the loss of the country.

Because the building that could have been built with

only one crore rupees costs 20 lakh rupees more because

of the design of the same building. Where eight steel was given

to ENAF, ten to twelve steel was given till 14 o’clock,

this amount was increased in all sectors.

Base, column, beam, roof in all sectors.

The owner has somehow laid a three-story foundation

for a 2000 square foot building in the village.

He will complete the first floor for the time being.

In other words, if you calculate the three floors together,

it is going from 6 to 9 lakh rupees more.

Therefore, knowing everything, give a consultant office!

Or people will lose confidence in the society of engineers!

The notoriety of the whole society!

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